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ROCK 201


Have you been through Rock 101, but now you're wondering what comes next?  OR you've not been to Rock 101 at all, and are needing something to awaken your faith. . . then Rock 201 may be just what you need!


Rock 201 is unique!  and can/will mean something different for each person taking this class. For some, Rock 201 will be foundational and for others, it will grow roots, both whom may already know (through sermons, other studies, experiences) about our Christian faith from growing up in church. Also to some, this Bible study will serve as a reminder of 'why Christ?' Why you said 'yes' to God's Spirit nudging your heart, and accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior. This class can/will give you the next steps as a Believer of the Gospel of Christ, to deepen your faith in accepting Him, to help you in your seeking, and move us to get serious about living Jesus.


Rock 201 is an 8-week Bible study based on the book "Journey in Discipleship" written by Ray Petty with topics ranging from assurance, forgiveness, and relationships, to prayer/praying, studying God’s Word, Holy Spirit, as well as how to walk in an active fruitful life following Jesus. *Note:  There are no pre-requisites to joining this open Bible study. It is offered to all who want to know more, and/or who are looking for and needing something to awaken your faith in Jesus.  





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