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Hey Church, 

Pastor Randy here. I can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support through this time my family and I just experienced losing Melanie’s mother in such a surprising traumatic fashion. I love my faith family. It’s so encouraging to watch so many different people step up to serve in so many different ways when people are in need. 
As summer comes fast upon us with its sunshine and blue skies and smiles due to vacations and playing in the water…I need to ask you a question. The ministry that you have joined with me to do through the local church has to keep moving forward. You have trusted me to lead you and I have trusted God to lead us all and it has been great. But there is always more to do…


Today it was a call from a Christian brother of mine who has multiple sclerosis and is homeless. I have told him I would help him with food and gas and direct him to other support for a housing resolution. The second call of my day was a grandmother of a runaway. She is in desperate need of someone to help her find her daughter and save her and we will try. So I ask you to pray now for her return. She is a mixed up 17 yr old. Or I could tell you about the young man (mid 30’s age) who has experienced an addiction removed from his life two weeks ago when Associate Pastor Bill Jolley prayed with him and led him to the Lord. But we can’t do this work of the Lord without your help. 


What can you do? I need you to continue to be the church in a few ways. One, please pray for souls to be saved even when you can’t be at the church on Sunday mornings. I promise I will be there and many others will too. Two, pray that the Holy Spirit moves freely within our congregation of people and convicts our hearts and leads us to the throne of grace that we may be freed from the bondage that enslaves us. Three, your history in giving has been phenomenally generous! You have always stepped up when there was a need and you have always been very obedient in your tithing. Let me gently remind you that your giving makes a difference to more people than you know. The three stories above were simply a start. So as you travel this summer and enjoy your family and time together with friends, if you aren’t with us on Sundays remember that we are there and will be praying for you and continuing our service to the Lord until you return. I would like to ask you to consider (if you haven’t) going to and setting up a tithing account, after that’s completed it only requires a simple text to give into the kingdom. That would be a tremendous assist to us to know our giving is steady so we can run hard and focus on the important things…people and their needs! That is only one way to give…there are more that I’m sure you can determine. Call me if you need help.  


I ask you to please consider my request…God has blessed me with a beautiful church full of people and many opportunities for our team to serve, please help us keep our focus by giving. 


I just started a new sermon series on the Holy Spirit. Check out the first message at the link below, share it with others and invite someone and join us Sunday!!  This series will get rid of some myths and misunderstandings about the person of the Holy Spirit.  You can listen to it by clicking HERE


Pastor Randy Hensley

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